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Sunday, September 30, 2018
      ( 8:32 AM ) melrose  
Yesterday, Before September vanished - we went for an 'all day' hike to Kenna Cartwright "Mountain" Park - which is not far away from where we live now. This is an entire mountain of trails - 39 trails in total: 6 easy, 26 Intermediate, 6 Difficult and 1 extremely difficult. We did see one labelled difficult called "The Elevator" ... but we won't be trying it anytime soon - as it was 'straight up the mountain. Rebecca came with us and we chose the longest path possible - that took us to the greatest view, in the park, of Kamloops Lake. To reach there and back - we were on easy and difficult trails, which took us 4 hours to complete.

   The west end of Brocklehurst on the North shore - just before the Airport,
  with the Thompson River in the foreground. 
 When you see this rock Cairn,  you know you have reached your destination.

    Kamloops Lake - with Cooney Bay (a future hike destination)  and Tranquille   
     to the right.

                          We are above the smokestack from the Pulp Mill.

 The meeting of the South and North Thompson Rivers and the city of Kamloops. .

      ( 7:34 AM ) melrose  
September is flying by just as fast as August ... so to make sure we are getting outside before the nice weather is gone ... we decided we must go hiking more. We started out on September 26th, our 54th Anniversary, we chose  Peterson Creek Park. Always a favorite, because it is close to downtown and doesn't take any time to get to. It is the park we went to often, many years ago. Unfortunately, erosion and falling boulders keep us from hiking to the waterfall now, ... we are not in good enough shape and because we are "older"....  but it is still beautiful to enjoy walking by the creek and listening to the water. My, how time changes ....



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