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Saturday, May 19, 2018
      ( 3:30 PM ) melrose  
                 To-day, May 19th - the water is right up to the sidewalk.

    And ... closer to the railroad bridge where the sign posts are almost under water. #

Friday, May 18, 2018
      ( 2:01 PM ) melrose  
Here it is: past the middle of May and it is 'High Water' and flower time ~ how beautiful ..... Kamloops is fortunate in that the city  and almost all homes are situated well above the flood plain. Every year we watch the water rise and sometimes it floods the City park - and the occasional area along the river - but not homes. We'll keep a watch and keep you posted ...

                                             Begonia on the deck

                                                  Colourful basket ... 

                                   Almost up to the sidewalk in the Park.

                               Almost up to the railed deck on the river .... they remove the railings almost every year well before the river is too high.

                  The CN railway bridge and the "red" Bridge... in the distance.

       Looking down river to the Overlander bridge over to North Kamloops. 

Trying something new this year... Begonias at the front near the Patio. Hopefully, they don't get too much sun.

And ...  our flower bed also on the "sunny side" with only the Iris and Cosmos blooming - yet. The 'Bleeding Heart' is just finished.... #


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