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Saturday, April 21, 2018
      ( 1:29 PM ) melrose  
My Nursing class just had our 54th year celebration since we graduated from Royal Inland Hospital in September of 1964. This year, we changed from our usual location of Sorrento Centre. Instead, we went to the Vernon Lodge in Vernon B.C. for one night. We only had 8 attend and two of us had our husbands along ~ to be drivers and get us there and back.
We always have a very nice time catching up on the last year's activities and remembering "the good old days". This year our main topics of conversation were .Where to eat? and where should we gather next year?. 

             The decision for Breakfast was easy ~ right there in the Lodge.

The hotel has a lovely Atrium with a pool and hot tub ~  most enjoyed a nice    dip in the pool. #


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