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Monday, May 03, 2021
      ( 9:59 PM ) melrose  
Last fall, one of our neighbours was moving and said she was not taking her bike ... she kindly insisted that she give it to me. It is an excellent almost brand new 'Trek' model that is the perfect size for me. and certainly at 21 gears, has more than I will ever use and is of a higher quality than I need, but will certainly enjoy ~ once I get on to being comfortable riding again. Winter weather came far too quickly for me to get much chance to ride it. We are definitely looking forward to spending time learning to ride again ~ the bike lessons have started and we realize ~ we need lots of practice. ~ it sometimes feels as if we are new beginners. This spring, we started saying ... that Bill should also have a bike if we are to ride seriously. So, on April 23rd we went to Canadian Tire and bought the last 'adult' man's bike they had in the store along with all the other gear needed ~ like, bike helmet, bike rack to carry them on the CRV and a lock to keep them secure on the rack .... we will be ready to ride, as soon as the Hitch is put on the CRV ~ apparently bikes are so popular this year ... that the earliest appointment we could get to have it installed was May 6th. We plan to ride only on bike trails with no hills, and never on streets with cars. Kamloops has many bike trails - and the one we plan to travel most is the "River's Trail" which is actually 2 trails that run along the the North Thompson and South Thompson Rivers in Kamloops which have many beautiful views of the river and many rest stops along the way. We are looking forward to getting out and seeing all we can.
Here we are in our Living room where Bill is putting a new kickstand on his bike and switching the stand from his bike to mine. For some reason, mine did not have a kickstand and the new stand fit his better than it did mine. #

Monday, April 12, 2021
      ( 11:57 AM ) melrose  
Yes ~ there is light at the end of the Tunnel.... with the new variants ... we just have to: continue the distancing,the hand washing,staying home and being patient. These pictures were taken yesterday when at a park in Kamloops.... We do hope the light keeps shining brightly!. #

Friday, March 26, 2021
      ( 8:19 AM ) melrose  
We have had our Vaccine! ..... and how very happy, we are about that. On March 24th we went to the 'Kamloops Tournament Centre' and what a smooth, efficient, painless procedure it was... so far have not had any reaction or problem symptoms. In fact, we feel better than usual. We must still remain wearing masks, distancing from others, and wash our hands often. But, somehow doesn't seem like the worry it was ~ before vaccination began. One of our recent 'back Road' drives was again along the North Thompson River on Westsyde Road to the Mclure Ferry ~ to check on the River level and see how big the Sand Bars are along the way. We were not sure the ferry would be running because of the low river level ... but it was. We returned on Hwy. #5, the Yellowhead.
Yesterday, we went to mail a letter downtown. It was so nice and sunny ... we said ~~ "we should be taking a drive" and in no time at all ... we were headed West on Highway 1 to Savona with side trips into Juniper Beach and Deadman's Creek Rd, to check on the state of the paved road into Vidette where the sign said 'completed' which means, that will be another back Road drive soon, I'm sure. Then, on to Cache Creek where we had 'drive Thru' A/W lunch. Bill decided that since we were this close to Loon Lake that we should drive on to the Loon Lake Provincial Park that he has read about in "Back Road" places to see. So, on it was North to almost Clinton to check it out. It certainly was a place to see. We were surprised how BIG the lake was ... and of course, Bill always likes to see the end of the lake .... so, that took quite some time as we drove along the Lake .... past many, many, lovely old cabins as well as some very nice new houses.. surprising to see that soon they will have 2 Fire Halls ~ one near the start of the cabins and the other near the end gives an idea how many cabins and houses the area covers. ~ There was only a sign saying where the 2nd one will be built. Another surprising feature was that the lake has very steep mountains totally surrounding the lake. This was a marvelous day's drive. All this ~ and I had not taken my camera along!. From now on ... I will take it wherever we go. We arrived home in time for supper. #

Monday, February 15, 2021
      ( 2:23 PM ) melrose  
Hi, all. Here we are at the middle of February and everything is going on, just as before. Which means ~ not very much is happening. We are still staying home due to the Virus, not seeing people and still wearing masks for the only shopping I do for groceries every 2 weeks or so ....But help is supposedly on the way ... our vaccine is coming soon. We are not going on as many back road drives as it has been very cold and the back roads are snowy.The temperature was actually -20 C. for 3 days in a row. Good weather to stay home and keep warm. One day, after grocery shopping ~ we took a drive through one of Kamloop's Cemeteries and all we saw was this lovely deer.
A very interesting drive we did go on,was on January 29th,before the cold weather struck, was a drive to the village of Savona which is not far from Kamloops. On our way there ~ we took a drive through Tobiano, a beautiful Golf Course on Kamloops Lake with a large Housing developement with unique houses. Each time we see it ~ there are many more houses.
One of the lots, not yet sold, would have this beautiful view of Mt. Peter and Paul in the distance. (In Kamloops). Savona is situated right at the Western end of Kamloops Lake and has the rockiest beaches ever seen.Large and small rocks with smooth edges and all, of a pale colour.
We enjoyed our picnic lunch at the Provincial Park at the end of the lake. One of the surprises of the day was coming across the well preserved and very well kept Savona Cemetery where many of the headstones dated back to the 1800's. As you see,the Cemetery is across the lake from Savona. What a beautiful peaceful setting.
We decided that since we were already on the Red Lake Road., we would just drive up a little way to see the view from the hills again. Last time we were here .. we said "it looks like we were on the edge of the land"... and it still looked like that ~ again. We turned around when we came into snow.
On the entire drive we saw only one lonely Eagle.

Monday, January 04, 2021
      ( 8:28 AM ) melrose  
Happy 2021 'New Year Greetings' to Everyone.... and I do hope that it is a year where all our wishes come true. I have been waiting to post a picture with some colour and so far, have not had any. These pictures were taken on New Years day when we drove out to Chase and the Shuswap. The first picture is where we parked and ate our lunch at Blind Bay. The Red Wharf is in the Chase town park where we stopped and walked out to the end of it for our "daily" walk. We often stop here when either going to or from the cabin. We drove around the Shuswap area and see that there are many new houses and cabins everywhere. Soon it will be difficult to purchase anywhere near the lake as it will be already built on. For this time ~ Enjoy the prospect of a New Year.

Sunday, December 27, 2020
      ( 7:44 PM ) melrose  
We made it!... The Christmas "Latch Hook" dog, was completed on December 23rd ~ and looks very nice as a wall Hanging over our fireplace.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
      ( 10:19 AM ) melrose  
Merry Christmas Greetings to everyone. We do hope that all is well in your world..... with only just over a week to the Big day. This year, it won't be very big as most of us will not be seeing family as we usually do ... in the hope that by the Spring ~~ everything will be changed.... We can only do as the professional Health Persons say ~ for now. How relieved Bill and I are that a vaccine has been developed. There is now Hope. My cute "Latch Hook" Christmas Dog that I have been working on to bring you Greetings might not be completed by the 25th ... but will continue working on it until finished, whenever that is. Bill has been a great help in speeding the work along as he puts out the wool pieces according to the pattern and I do the placing. Be sure to enjoy the Festive Season as much as you can. All the lights and decorations are so pretty this year ~ it seems as if everyone has put up more than usual. #


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