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Monday, July 25, 2022
      ( 1:05 PM ) melrose  
On July 3rd, we left Dawson Creek to travel to Prince George. On our way ... we took 'Highway, 52' South of Dawson Creek to travel a circle route into Tumbler Ridge. A town Bill had always said ... "We should drive into there." We travelled through many, many miles of lush green fields, without houses or buildings ~ we saw only wind Turbines ~ and clouds.... Almost no cars.... The only people we saw were working in the local Grocery store. We then continued on Hwy 29 out to Chetwynd, Hwy 97 ~ then on to Prince George. It was a quiet, very peaceful drive.

      ( 12:03 PM ) melrose  
On July 2nd ... we were off to Dawson Creek where we met Glen, Susan, Melissa and Spot who were on their way on a trip to the Yukon. Kayla then left us to travel with the family.

      ( 11:45 AM ) melrose  
We just returned 3 weeks ago (my, how time flies!) from a very nice trip to Lake Louise, Banff and Jasper. We were fortunate to be joined by our granddaughters, Rebecca and Kayla. We certainly saw lots of beautiful scenery, and were blessed with good weather. We planned to see a "Waterfalls" "Rocky Mountains", "Hikes" and "Wild life" Holiday.

Friday, June 10, 2022
      ( 5:15 PM ) melrose  
Today, after Floor Curling, we went for a walk in Riverside Park to see how high the water is in the South Thompson River. It is high and getting higher each day. There has been talk of this being another Flood Year in Kamloops and the surounding area. To-day in the News they reported that only 1/5 of the snow from the 'Snow Pack' has melted.... we will see just high the water gets this year ..... The first picture is of the Overlander Bridge to North Kamloops and the second picture is of the CN Railroad near Riverside Park.

      ( 6:58 AM ) melrose  
Hi, Everyone ... My Goodness, does anyone know where the time goes? ... it passes so quickly. We are now Floor Curling 3 days/week (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) which seems to keep us busy... We also, play the card game "Hand and Foot" (a game we know from being Down South in past winters) with Larry and Vi from Floor curling, on most Thursday afternoons. So far ~ Vi and I have not won a single a game against our husbands ... but we refuse to give up! Our flowers are all planted in our small flower garden as well as the baskets ... . The Irises are putting on a fine display and the Poppy bush is growing so big the new rose bush, hidden behind cannot be seen.

Monday, April 11, 2022
      ( 8:16 PM ) melrose  
Finally! To-day ~ My 'Flower Basket' Quilt is complete. I started working on it in the Spring of 2018 and have worked on and off on it ever since. It has been a delight to sew as the colours seemed perfect and it turned out just as I had planned.

Sunday, April 10, 2022
      ( 6:11 PM ) melrose  
Today, we went on a very interesting hike/walk along the the South Thompson River to the section of the River's Trail called 'Aviation Way'. So named, because it runs along Kamloops Airport. We had heard a long time ago that there was a large "stash" of old vehicles piled near the trail ... we had tried to find them previously ... but always decided it was just too far. To-day we found them!. To begin, we walked a very long way on the sand bar shore along the river where we saw Eagles and birds.
Along the way, we came across a little English lady with her friendly nice dog. She told us that the metal vehicles and such were in the next small bay .. and that they were not on the shoreline - they were on a path going up from the river into higher land and to follow first , the path to the right from the river and then the path going to the left. They were not marked. It was a good thing she said they were not on the river bank ... or we never would have found them. The paths looked very old and not used too often. She also gave us an interesting piece of history: She said the vehicles and machinery, along with anything metal were put there many years ago to keep the shoreline from eroding when the river flooded. We had thought we would maybe recognize some of the old cars... everything was so rusted - we could not identify anything.
We followed the fence line path back to the start of the hike just in time to keep ahead of the rain storm that was bearing down on the Airport Control Tower and us ..... It was a very pleasant morning hike. #

Thursday, April 07, 2022
      ( 2:06 PM ) melrose  
Riverside Park in downtown Kamloops is also undergoing Major changes. A new extensive berm is being built to prevent flooding of the Park each year from Spring run off. In order to build the Berm, the nice little concession building, the children's wading pool, the present washrooms, trees, and walkways have been removed. We see the changes 3 times a week when we go Floor Curling as the 'Senior's Centre is in the park.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022
      ( 7:18 AM ) melrose  
Hello everyone. My Goodness ~ 3 months have passed since last posting ... Time is still going on very quickly .... and I'm sad to say ... the state of the world is getting sadder ... starting with the Wildfires, Floods and Washouts of towns, with the ongoing Pandemic and now the war in Ukraine. This picture seems to portray the state of this time in our history. The Beauty of the earth is all around us ...But,the water level in the Thompson River is lower than we have ever seen it before. We have had beautiful big snowfalls ~ at the right time ... such as Christmas ... and so far, this year have not had much rain. Kamloops has had many changes in our 'downtown' area in that construction has started on an entire city block and more ~ 20 Old houses have been removed or taken down in preparation for a multi million dollar developement of new highrise apartments and townhomes ... called 'City Gardens' ~ Plans are to have a completion date of 10 years from now. These pictures were taken at the start of excavation. There are also many other highrise apartments being built in the city area. Kamloops is becoming a much larger city with many new residents.

Friday, January 07, 2022
      ( 7:00 AM ) melrose  
Happy New Year ~~ Everyone. We do hope 2022 is much better than the last. My Goodness the time has flown by ~~ even though we are still staying home and being careful not to come in contact with the virus.
We have been having lovely snowfalls ... with much more snow than usual ... but, it does keep us busy with the shoveling. We do hope all is well for everyone as we look forward to what the New Year will bring. #


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