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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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My Goodness, where did August go?   Zoom ...  and it was gone - just like that....

We celebrated Kayla's 11th birthday at the Shuswap on September 2nd. ... The 'Selfie' holder worked good for a group as well.

                                            The cake was delicious.

All the 'kids' had this pile of Birch - stacked neatly in no time - waiting now for the fire ban to be over .... 

We had a gathering of Bill's family at Robin and Jim's house for a "farewell" supper for cousin Myrtle and her husband, Ken (on the left side of picture) who are moving to Ottawa to be with family. We will miss them. We also welcomed little, Jacob who is now 8 months old.

Bill's cousin "Goldie" on the left - from Mission B.C., cousin Myrtle, and Bill.

                                    The Grizzly Bear was taking a shower ....
We had a nice day at the wildlife Park when Kayla and Melissa visited for the last 2 weeks of August. We had a ride on the train .... had a picnic and saw every animal and bird we possibly could.

            It was a hot day - and the Moose was wise to stay in the shade.

August 11th -  we were at Bill's 51st  year Celebration , since the lacrosse team was a contender in the British Columbia Senior Lacrosse Finals. (they took 2nd place) - still reason to celebrate.

On August 2nd - we left for our holiday to Saskatchewan to visit relatives who all live near St. Louis which is a small town South of Prince Albert. 
Our first night we were at our niece, Leanna and her husband Sheldon and 3 great children's beautiful home in Calgary. Very nice to see them and catch up on their busy life.

 Our first person to visit in Saskatchewan was my brother, Lee,- Leanna's Dad -  who  lives, close to all the other relatives. He now is alone since his wife passed away 2 years ago. He has planted many trees with berries that attract the "singing' birds - so his yard sounds beautiful. I wish we could see him more often.

We usually have a golf Tournament when the family gets together - but this year it was a "Horseshoe" tournament.

We always visit the cemetery where my Mom and many relatives remains are. all the family are responsible for keeping the cemetery in beautiful shape - by cutting the lawn regularly and doing regular "clean-up" ... on this day there were 6 lawnmowers and others with weed whippers - and the lawn looked beautiful!. 

                Cousins, Linda and Gail - brought refreshing watermelon.
and when the work was done - everyone gathered in the shelter that Lee built - for more refreshments. How very nice it is to all be together.



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