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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
      ( 4:12 PM ) melrose  
Wow!  What a fun week-end we just had ~~ swimming and Boating at the Shuswap with Glen, Susan and girls. Before heading out to the Beach - Melissa showed us some of her latest drawings she did at her Art Class....... 

here she is with a Dragon she drew .... and:  here is Kayla with a "precision drawing of a cake that Melissa also drew.... showing the variety of style.

 Glen is the Driver of the boat ... and Grandpa sits up front.

                           The "younger' Scott Family picture.

Oh, How I love to go on the Giant Tube .... Just had to go for a ride down the middle of the lake - at 75 years of age!.  Wonderful!.

                                     What a beautiful day for Boating!.


      ( 3:50 PM ) melrose  
Hi, Everyone. We hope you are enjoying the beautiful summer weather.... as we are here in Kamloops.  I have a nice new camera - so, I've been trying it out,  getting  used to it - taking pictures of flowers and such ....

 Doing lots of watering of flowers .... 

And ... enjoying our beautiful view of the North Thompson River - also, the beautiful changing cloud formations.


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