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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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We just returned on Sunday from a wonderful week long trip to the "North country" of B.C. where Bill grew up and wanted to return to see many of the places he had not seen or had been to many  years ago.

Our first stop was at the Chasm - just North of Clinton where we saw a spectacular sight seeing occurrence  - a Mountain coat suddenly jumped over the fence that keeps viewers out - walking along the edge of the cliff - giving us lots of opportunity to take many pictures,  before suddenly disappearing over the edge. There was no dust - so he must have landed safely on the next outcropping  - totally out of sight!. Shocking and amazing to see!.

One of the main reasons for this holiday was for Bill to take the ferry across Francois Lake and see Southbank. His cousin's husband, Pete Mathews, was the Ferry Captain for many years and now their son, Hal is one of the present day Ferry captains. We visited him and his wife, Gail who live in Burn's Lake.

We drove the Circle "Loop" from Burn's Lake to Houston which took the entire day. We saw another cousin's cabin and their son's cabin at Uncha Lake - 

We saw many cattle grazing on open land without a fence to keep them in ...

We saw many open rolling hills with lush green grass - but did not come across one car or any people the entire day.... What a quiet, peaceful place ....

So, you can imagine how surprised we were to drive into a parking spot at Ootsa lake and find six trucks and one SUV - all  with big boat trailers and not one person or boat in sight.... Ootsa is an enormous lake and the travel guide booklet recommends that only big boats should go on it. It definitely looked as if it was a "men's" day of fishing....

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We also came upon early settler buildings that had seen better days....

Hazelton was a very interesting place where this beautiful cougar was on display at the tourist information.  Apparently he would not stay away from the town area and bothering people so had to be put down.  (maybe he was just curious and friendly ... but no one could take that chance).

"Wil", known as "Catalina" was one of the early "Pack Train" settlers.

                  Bill liked the steam engine ... and I liked the Paddle wheeler.

From Hazelton we went North to Kispiox to see the 15 standing (and 1 fallen over) historic Totem Poles.

We drove on to Terrace for our next overnight stop, where we had an excellent room at the Day's Inn right on the main street. The next day - we went on to discover the 'New' Kitamat and Kitamaat Village which has been a settlement for many many years. - where we saw the ocean. 

The "New" Kitamat is a very neat, organized pretty town with lovely Industrial buildings. We took time to watch a girl's soccer game in action. The next day - we were on to Telkwa and Round Lake - where Bill's parents lived.

                     Now, there are only cattle where the parents once lived.

On our way back at Vanderhoof we took Hwy. 27 North to Fort St. James. It was June 15th with the Summer Solstice coming - so we watched the sunset at 10 p.m. from the pretty Stuart Lake.

On our final day of travel from William's lake - we took a back road through the most beautiful country you could imagine. We always wanted to see the Gang Ranch - so that is what we set out to see . We traveled through Alkali Lake country where the cattle roam free 

Alkali Lake Ranch is also a very big Ranch owned by the Douglas Lake Cattle Company. We also went through beautifully treed areas ...

                  And areas of desert. Also beautiful mountain areas ...

The mighty Fraser River runs through the canyon on its way to the ocean in Vancouver .... 


This bridge takes you across the river to the Gang Ranch - 31 thousand acres of ranch land.

This is the little store at the Gang Ranch which was not open due to being Sunday ....  and the "Bunkhouse" for the 9 real cowboys, ranch hands and workers who work on the ranch - a total of about 20. Girls and women who also work on the ranch have their own individual houses or trailers. At one time the Ranch even had a school house and teachers who lived on the Ranch.

It was a gorgeous trip and holiday - we had excellent weather - the mosquitoes weren't too bad - and we saw many beautiful places - and learned lots about all the areas.  
 It is always nice to come back to Kamloops - and we know it is not far away - when we see Kamloops lake.   #


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