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Sunday, April 08, 2018
      ( 6:56 PM ) melrose  
Easter Weekend in Burnaby and Port Moody:  

Our final weekend of our very nice holiday was spent in Burnaby and Port Moody with the 'kids' and 'Grandkids'.  since we no longer have a yard for the Easter Egg hunt - we now go to their place for the Easter week-end. The 3 youngest granddaughters always enjoy the egg hunt.
This year they decided the 3 hunters would be allowed to start at at 15 second intervals.

    The 3 Egg Hunters - ready for the start.... with Rebecca and Ellen standing by.
                                                Melissa was in a rush.

Everyone gets in on the action looking for the last remaining egg.

                "The count" - after they think all eggs have been found.

          It was so nice and sunny, we had lunch out on the new deck. Glen and Susan are having their entire house renovated  and here they are sitting in the living room.... they have lived in the basement all winter and are looking forward to everything being finished.


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