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Saturday, March 10, 2018
      ( 3:38 PM ) melrose  
To-day ~ we went for a beautiful walk in Riverside Park... The sky was bright blue with the sun shining brightly ... the water in the South Thompson River was a dark blue and the North Thompson was mostly still covered with ice and snow - so it was white. The temperature was about -2 C. so it was crisp and cool.

The South Thompson River with the railroad bridge and Mt. Paul and Mt. Peter in the background.

 The North Thompson with snow and ice - Strawberry Mountain to the right and Batchelor Hills to the left in the distance .

 A little girl, standing near, on seeing the marker in the river said -  "there's a bottle out in the water ....".

There were about 30 large white swans basking in the sun ... and of course there are always many ducks and Canada Geese.

with ... only 3 children feeding the ducks and geese.   

 It was bright enough for Bill to wear his sun glasses.

and ... as always ~ we did not see the Beaver ... This Beaver hut has been at the base of the Railway bridge for many years ... it never changes ...... and only years ago did we see the beaver... a man with binoculars said - beavers sleep in the day ~ and I think he must be correct.


Monday, February 12, 2018
      ( 3:46 PM ) melrose  
To-day is 'Family Day' in B.C.  and Jim, Ellen and Jessica came up for a winter week end. To celebrate the occasion we drove up to one of the local ski Hills, yesterday. We went to "Harper Mountain" which is exactly a 1/2 hour drive from Kamloops.  We had not been there for at least 20 years... so it was a treat to see that it had not changed much at all.
 Because of the cold - 10 C. weather,  there were not many people skiing - most were in the Lodge keeping warm by the nice big fireplace.

As always, when family visits - we had waffles ... Jessica decorated hers beautifully.... and .. some how, Jim always manages to avoid the pictures ...

Wednesday, January 03, 2018
      ( 2:32 PM ) melrose  
We had an absolutely joyous Christmas Season ~ we now wish you all ~ the very Best for 2018!.
We started  out our  Celebration with the arrival of Glen, Susan and girls on December 23rd.

How nice it was to go to church at St. Peter's on Christmas Eve Day.

 Sitting on the Bench at St. Peter's.   When we returned home ~ Glen and Melissa were the only ones to brave the cold and go "boarding".

 Rebecca and Kayla joined them on Boxing day when it was nice and sunny ~ but still very crisp and cold.

How very  nice it was to have all 5 Grandchildren here at various times over the holiday.... something that doesn't happen very often anymore. Jim, Ellen, Zachary, Rebecca and Jessica were here for New Year's Eve and headed back to Port Moody on New Year's Day. #

Thursday, December 21, 2017
      ( 7:57 AM ) melrose  
"Merry Christmas" to everyone who follows our Blog ~ we send best Wishes for a wonderful Christmas Season.
Since we can't have you over for a cup of Peppermint tea and a chat ~~~ I will take you on a tour of our decorations for this year.... and also post a couple of favourite pictures from the beautiful summer we had in spite of smokey skies. (not previously posted because of lack of time).

A perfect amount of snow fell yesterday ~ just in time for Christmas.

Our display of Santas and a snowman ...

The lighted Railway Station with the houses and carollers ~ reminiscent of when we lived at "the Station" condos ... 

  our Christmas tree ~ 2017. and our sundeck in the snow ...

 A deer on the pathway at MacCarthur Island on one of our many walks ~ many places.

 We really enjoyed our day at the P.N.E. (Pacific National Exibition) with Susan, Glen, Kayla and Melissa in August. 

 it was a beautiful summer for flowers which lasted well into Fall. This picture taken in early October. #

Sunday, October 29, 2017
      ( 7:52 PM ) melrose  
Hi,all ~ we went for a nice walk to-day to Kenna Cartwright Park which is a mountain in Kamloops designated as Parkland. It is a wonderful place to hike with many trails to choose from. 

The trail we started out on to-day was the "Reservoir trail" that starts near Home Depot and is a wide walking trail that overlooks an Industrial area of Kamloops .

On our way back - we took Ponderosa an intermediate trail then cut over to "Kinnickinnick"  which is a difficult one.

This trail was 'downright steep' in some places - we were glad we were going downhill - not up!.

 Last evening we were out at St. Peter's church  at Monte Creek for a delicious Spaghetti Dinner and the church looked beautiful in the setting sun. The supper was served in their very old Schoolhouse which is used as their hall ~ (should have taken a picture of it too)  ..... #

Sunday, October 22, 2017
      ( 3:35 PM ) melrose  
Hi, everyone - we trust that you all had a nice Thanksgiving week-end back on October 7th, 8th, and 9th ~~ my goodness that certainly went fast!. and now we are in to Halloween. We were out at Earl's place with all the family except Zachary and Rebecca (they are the "working" ones on holiday week-ends).
We certainly enjoyed the younger Scott's - "photo Contest" - which is a lot of fun.  This year, 6 of my photos were in first place!. Now, that is a first....

                     *****  Click on the pictures to enlarge further *****

This picture was not in the contest - but is a good picture of Earl's place taken from the path to the creek - and because we have had rain - the fire ban was off and we had a nice warm campfire in the afternoon.
 This "Crocodile was 1st in the 'animal' category

This picture taken at Ross Creek Park and was entered in the 'Water' category  - it is peaceful Shuswap lake at Ross Creek.

The above picture was in the 'unusual' section - It didn't place in the photo contest - but it is an unusual tree on Earl's property with 3 species of  trees growing as one.

 And with Halloween coming soon ...  - we had a 'Scary' category this year .... The above picture is the road into Earl's place.
               Do have a fun Halloween.... Hope you don't see anything this scary!.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017
      ( 9:17 AM ) melrose  
We have just returned from a very fun Golf Tournament and family gathering in Castlegar B.C. This is our family gathering that is every 2 years consisting of relatives and friends from Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. It is called the "Beaverlodge" Group and we always have a wonderful time together.
This year, Bill was not able to golf (it broke his heart)  because of his recent surgery ~ but he was my caddy and did a fine job of driving the cart.  

 My team consisting of: Jessica, myself, Danny Brown (team Captain) is my cousin's boy from Prince Albert), His daughter, Kennedy, who rode along on the back of the cart and the 4th person, Ron MacKenzie, my cousin Gail's daughter, Melanie's, husband - from Trail.

 This is Cousin Gail's boy, Kevin, from Trail - appropriately dressed ... he wore the wig the entire day!.... which was amazing as it was very hot!.

Cousin Gail's daughter, Michelle and her daughter, Abby, from Trail and Laurie another cousin's daughter from St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Kayla and Melissa both golfed ...  (I missed getting a picture of Melissa) and cousin, Gail from Trail and and Donna from St. Louis who is my Cousin's boy's wife.

 This is Glen's team getting their picture at the 18th green. My Cousin Tom takes every team's picture at the 2 day tournament ... he has thousands of family pictures from all our get togethers. The "Beaverlodge Trophy" is on display at the last hole ... it is not for the winning team - whoever is presented with the trophy must host the next tournament. This year, the Trophy was presented to Saskatchewan for our next "get together" which will be next year- 2018 - in St. Louis Saskatchewan .... the family members there would like to have a true 'Family Reunion' as well as a one or 2 day Golf tournament. God willing, we plan to be there.

 We always gather on the 18th hole at the end of the tournament to watch teams as they come in  - this year, we had the perfect hill to sit on and watch the 18th putting. #


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