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Wednesday, September 18, 2019
      ( 7:51 AM ) melrose  
We have just returned from 4 days in Kelowna where we participated in the B.C. +55 Senior Games ~  in Floor curling. The Floor curling venue was held in West Kelowna (the area that used to be known as "Westbank").

         Joan, was our Skip, Bill was third, Nona was Second and I was lead.

These pictures were taken in Merritt, prior to the games ... we went there a few times to practice.We had a very busy fun time at the games and there was no time for taking pictures  - not even one.

 We met many people from all over B.C.... and had a great time even though, our record was not great, with: ... 2 wins, one tie and 5 losses.

The following two pictures were taken by the venue photographer. Bill is looking back in the first picture - after spotting his cousin Greg in the spectators. Greg came to watch one of our games.

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Monday, August 12, 2019
      ( 9:37 PM ) melrose  
The summer fun continued .... when Jim brought 3 grand daughters ~  Kayla, Melissa and Jessica for the annual summer visit. 

On the second evening here - the girls said they were preparing supper ~ what a treat ... to be served a delicious supper of "Hamburger cupcakes", with all the trimmings. It was delicious!. Thank you, very much, girls.
After Supper, we went down to the Park where we saw the Steam engine with 2 open viewing cars loaded with tourists going over the bridge..... We carried on .... uptown and saw the "Hot Nights in the City" car display with many old fashioned cars ~~ this one was one of the fanciest.

And on 5th avenue they had a Tricycle race to see who could come in first after peddling up the slight hill and riding back down. It was fun to watch.

 When we dropped Rebecca and Jessica off at Rebecca's place this owl swooped in and sat at the corner of Rebecca's condo. Yes, it was a real owl ~ just wish I had Jim's camera to take a closer picture as the owl did not move a bit ~ he was so intent on finding his supper.

On Saturday,, we took the girls to Tranquille Creek for a hike ...  When there, we met people who had been gold panning ~ they showed us the tiny flecks of gold they found that day ... so the girls were anxious to try their luck ... The lady gave us a gold pan to see if we could find some flecks too ~ all 3 girls had a turn ~ but no gold found to-day.

This is the beautiful Beaver Pond. There is certainly evidence of Beaver near - by the large trees they are 'knawing' down ~ but we did not see a Beaver to-day.


Thursday, August 08, 2019
      ( 10:49 AM ) melrose  
Continuing on with our holiday in Vancouver .... 

On Thursday, August 1st, we took Zachary and Jessica over to Lynn Canyon in North Vancouver. I love Lynn Canyon because it is one of the places we went to often when I was a child living in Vancouver from the age of 3 to 6. Because of the height of the bridge I was never able to 'get over' to the other side. Just 2 years ago I managed to get there ... and now make Lynn Canyon a place to visit every time we are near.... and enjoy it immensely.

There are many stairs down to the area  named 'Twin Falls'

and of course there are many stairs going up the other side. I'm glad we can still do the stairs......

We then went on to Rocky Point Park where this poor guy was stranded in his sail boat on the 'Mud Flats' in Port Moody. 

August 4th,~  Our last day, before leaving ~ we visited Betty's brother, Bruce, - who has a most interesting and lovely place in Belcarra also right on the water. It was wonderful to sit on his sundeck almost directly over the water and remember the "Old Days" of living in Kelowna (when Bruce was just a little guy ... and I Baby sat for them often).

After leaving Belcarra, we enjoyed a walk around Burnaby mountain park and ate a delicious Supper at Horizon's Restaurant.

The beautiful flower Birds at Horizon's ~ and what a beautiful sunset. 

We had an absolutely Beautiful holiday with perfect weather and enjoyed every single day. Thank you, to Glen and Susan for our perfect place to be 'home base'.


Wednesday, August 07, 2019
      ( 7:26 PM ) melrose  
We just returned from a very nice two week holiday - house sitting at Glen and Susan's place in Burnaby. What fun to have more time to see so many interesting places in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Bowen Island, Salt Spring Island and Burnaby.
Before we left, we had made a list of all the people, places and attractions that we wanted to see ... and we saw them all!. 

We started our journey seeing Vancouver and Stanley Park. This large swimming pool is near Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park and borders on the ocean.

The Vancouver skyline and the marina at Stanley Park.

We followed the seawall drive to Prospect Point, an area we had not seen before. What a beautiful view of North Vancouver, the Lions Gate bridge and the Inlet.

Jessica, Zachary and Jim joined us for our drive out to White Rock, where we enjoyed the walk on the path that follows the entire sea shore. (the railway also follows the shore) - but, did not see a train.

We had lunch at the open window restaurant that was decorated with unique and unusual pictures furniture and carvings.

The wharf that was badly damaged in the storm last year is now repaired and will open again to walk on in August. This is the Rock that White Rock is named after... it sits on the beach and is the only one of it's size.

 We took a day trip over to Bowen Island to visit Betty, whom I have known for many years ~ when her family and ours were neighbours in Kelowna. 
Above, is the private road in to Betty's lovely place and this is her beautiful little bay. She lives on the far side of the island from the Ferry dock.

This is Betty who served us a delicious lunch out on her deck overlooking the water. After lunch, Betty took us on a short hike  where we learned about Arbutus trees which are special to Bowen Island and various locations on the West Coast.
Bowen Island and it's interesting shops are absolutely beautiful and we must go there again one day.

 We finished our day with a delicious supper at the 'Olive and Anchor' restaurant in Horseshoe Bay. What a beautiful summer day. 

On Sunday, July 28th, we were at the Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver where Bill walked up the stairs to the tower.

From the quay , you have a good view of the Vancouver skyline across Burrard inlet ... and everywhere you go there are multiple new High rise apartments.

On Monday July 29th - we caught the Ferry from Tsawwassen to Duke Point near Nanaimo to visit Daphne and Ron.  We stayed overnight in Duncan and the next morning were on the  Ferry to Ganges on Salt Spring Island.

 Ganges is a busy little town with lots of boats and sea planes.

After Ganges, we drove to the Southern Harbour of Salt Spring to catch the ferry to Vancouver Island and Victoria to visit Nedra and John.

 After docking and leaving the Ferry - we took a side trip into the city of Sidney.- What a beautiful place with every area beautifully landscaped with lovely ocean views.

 And ... interesting landscaping. Another beautiful day!.



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