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Tuesday, June 06, 2017
      ( 10:04 PM ) melrose  
Our 5th and last day on our tour was interesting and exciting. After our stay at the Sandman in Blue River and having breakfast at the restaurant where the food was very good - we traveled on to Wells Gray Park where every waterfall was violently full with water - almost scary but exciting. A very good year to see waterfalls.

 Helmecken is the highest of the waterfalls.

 Dawson Falls was 'boiling' over the falls. 


 Spahats is the first waterfall in the park and has pretty - 'Canyon' rock walls.


 We also stopped at the 'Green Mountain' Look Out viewing stand ... where the trees have grown much taller than when we last saw them in about 1987. #

      ( 4:54 PM ) melrose  
The waterfalls  and snowy mountains on the Icefield Parkway were beautiful. The glaciers are certainly much smaller and melting more than they were 40 years ago - when we last saw them. Back then they had bus loads of tourists walking on the glaciers - this time - not one bus and not one person walking on the snow.


 The Skytram ride to the top of the mountain in Jasper was absolutely spectacular! .. We spent all afternoon on top of the mountain in beautiful sunshine. We tried to hike to the highest point - where the  Red Chair is ... but the people returning from it said they were up past their knees in snow to get there - so we left it for  another day.

 But, we did find two Red Chairs on Pyramid lake - where we sat ... and had our picture taken by a nice young couple from Germany. Parks Canada had a neat idea of placing Red Chairs on various hikes in Canada - some are difficult to get to and sometimes someone is already sitting in the chairs as they were on Edith Lake. We didn't want to disturb the two girls having their lunch... so found the two on Pyramid Lake.

                            ***** Click on pictures to enlarge further.*****

      ( 10:12 AM ) melrose  
Our first stop on our 5 day drive was at Revelstoke B.C.  Revelstoke has such a neat downtown area that we always stop and go for a walk - this year we not only walked - we drove around and saw beautiful old houses and the "Courthouse".

Apparently the early Settlers of Revelstoke planned that their city would be the Capital of B.C. - therefore they built with the dome on top which can be seen from most areas of town..

                  The mountains in Roger's Pass had lots of snow still on them.

                                             Emerald Lake was beautiful.

          So was Lake Louise - almost totally frozen with beautiful green ice!.

                                Chateau Lake Louise is always beautiful.

                                      Also the Banff Springs Hotel.

  What a beautiful day to ride to the top of the mountain in the gondola - and view Banff from the top.

Always interesting to see the "Wildlife overpasses" - over the highway.

                          This was a young Grizzly right beside the road ...

                             A very "typical" Banff National park scene.

Three mountain 'Goats' right beside the road - mountain 'goat's are not often seen. This time we did not see any mountain sheep - which is unusual.

The 'Icefield Parkway' mountains really are spectacular!.


Monday, June 05, 2017
      ( 7:51 AM ) melrose  
We have just returned home from a beautiful 5 day trip to the Rocky Mountains ... but before I post those pictures - I must put a couple on of the Flooding in Riverside Park and of the Iris that are blooming beautifully in our Flower Garden.


Saturday, June 03, 2017
      ( 6:28 PM ) melrose  
On May 24th - It was off to Salmon Arm and Sorrento for my yearly Reunion with 8 of us from my Nursing class to celebrate 53 years since Graduation from Nursing. We always have such a good time remembering our training days - and spent the entire afternoon and evening talking.


      ( 12:29 PM ) melrose  
On May 20th we traveled over to Trail for my Cousin Gail and her husband, Dave's 50th Wedding Anniversary ~ it was a great evening seeing  relatives from Saskatchewan and visiting friends we had not see in a very long time.  

On Sunday we drove back to the Shuswap and continued the week-end with Glen, Susan and girls - and also Jim, Ellen and Jessica. On Monday on our way back to town we stopped at the Chase town Park for our lunch picnic - the 3 girls along with us walked out on the wharf on 'Little Shuswap Lake".

 Hi, Everyone - Once again we have been so busy that I am behind in my postings. These are two of the most beautiful blooming Fuschia's we have ever had ~~ we do hope they keep blooming like this all summer.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017
      ( 10:07 PM ) melrose  
We completed the week-end on Easter Sunday with the yearly Easter Egg Hunt. This year - there were only 3 egg hunters - Jessica, Kayla and Melissa.

 There was a total of 12 for the Sunday Easter Dinner at Glen and Susan's

 On Monday, Glen and Bill finished the wiring in the newly 'built in' garage  they worked "off and on" all week-end. And ... Kayla and Melissa planted their Easter Pansies in the Flower garden. It was a very nice, lovely week-end.


      ( 9:54 PM ) melrose  
On our second day of Touring ... we started the day with a visit to B.C. Sports Hall of Fame to pick up Kayla and Melissa after a night "Sleepover" for Guides and Brownies. We then went on to a Tour of Stanley Park.

 This Sprinter is at the entrance to the Sport's Hall of Fame.

 There is a beautiful Children's Park near the ocean at 2nd Beach where Bill couldn't resist to sit in the old Fire Engine.

 Lost Lagoon was beautifully calm in the early morning.

 We saw this large Blue Heron that was not at all afraid of people.

 We then walked past the Naval Academy where the backdrop is the Vancouver Skyline to the nice display of Totem Poles - a signature spot for Vancouver Post Cards.

 Next, we drove over the Lion's Gate Bridge to Maplewood Conservation Area where Jim, Ellen and Jessica joined us for the walk through the park and Jim took some great pictures of the Wild Birds. 
Maplewood is the official Vancouver Park for Bird Watching. Each day - they update the list of Birds seen. Bill was the first one this year to spot a Pileated Woodpecker so was required to complete a form stating the date and time spotted.

 There is an interesting display of Miniature cabins made in likeness of the first settlers cabins to the area - they were actually homeless 'Squatters' who did not own the land but lived there up to the early '70's.



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