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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
      ( 11:57 AM ) melrose  
What a beautiful Easter week-end we had, with the whole family out at the Shuswap. We, along with Jim, Ellen, Zachary and Rebecca at Earl's place and Glen Susan, Kayla and Melissa at their cabin. The traditional family "Easter Egg Hunt" was at Glen and Susan's on Saturday, as well as the "Easter Supper" which was delicious!.

    It was a gorgeous bright sunny day. The Golf Course is ready for golfers ...
But, no time for golfing as we returned home to Kamloops on Sunday ..... Glen and Rebecca had to work on Monday.

But, before leaving, the 3 oldest grandchildren, along with Grandpa, went for a walk on Earl's property to see how high the creek was.

 On Monday, Bill and I along with Zachary went for a walk to one of our favorite "hikes" along Tranquille Creek. Jim, Ellen and Jessica helped Rebecca move into her new Townhouse on Summit Drive.  The water at Tranquille creek  was rushing...and as, usual there were Gold Panners.

                  Again, we did not see any Beavers in the Beaver Pond.

                         The CN train tunnel at Cooney Bay near Tranquille.

 and .... as always ~ we drove up Red Lake Rd. to take a picture to see how many sandbars are in the Thompson River as it enters Kamloops Lake. With the River rising, there are fewer than there were two weeks ago. #

Wednesday, April 03, 2019
      ( 10:01 PM ) melrose  
We have been enjoying getting out to areas for walks or hikes in various locations near Kamloops. This past week-end were again at Cooney Bay at Traquille where someone had built a very sturdy teepee structure. 

 An interesting design on the mountain at Tranquille Creek.
 The Sandbars at Tranquille are even more prominent than they were last fall.

 We decided to drive to Red Lake which has a very steep Bank on the road to be careful of --- as we saw by the 2 vehicles that ended up over the bank - some time ago.... 

 the altitude at Red Lake is high enough that the lake was still completely covered in thick ice. Someone was even ice fishing.

 As we drove down the South side of the mountains - we could see Kamloops lake in the distance..... and further along the drive...  the Trans Canada Hwy #1.

 The dirt road we were on wound its way down the barren hills above Savona. It was a beautiful Sunday drive. #

Saturday, March 23, 2019
      ( 4:54 PM ) melrose  
Already past the middle of March ~ amazing. I have been saying "that was the fastest winter ever!"  It seems as if it was gone in a flash ~ part of the reason is that I have been very busy working on 2 quilts and almost have both of them ready for the final step - that of doing the backing and  putting on the binding.

This quilt was started and sewn in January of 2016 but, somehow was left until the start of this winter ... when I spent all winter quilting it. The pattern was chosen out of a Kaffe Fassette quilting book from the Library - in which one of the materials used in his quilt was named "Waltzing Matilda". It was such a cheerful name that I named my quilt "Waltzing Matilda" - The quilt was made for the guest room downstairs.

"My Flower Baskets" quilt was started last October and the entire winter was spent cutting and sewing the pieces together. Of course, as usual, Bill was the 'cutter' and I was the sewer -~ but must say ~ if there are any discrepancies in the size of the squares ~ it would be my mistake as I was so anxious to get sewing ~ I started on the cutting ... until he felt it was winter enough to spend time cutting. This quilt was made for an accent piece on our bed. I loved choosing the pattern and the materials for the quilt and used up many of my "scrap' pieces left over from other quilts.  I have a feeling ~ it won't be my only 'Flower Basket' quilt ~ as there are many patterns to choose from.

The sun has been shining beautifully each day for the past 2 weeks ~ so it is now time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.
We do hope your winter was as enjoyable as ours.


Sunday, March 17, 2019
      ( 9:27 PM ) melrose  
Hi, everyone ~ Hope you had a nice St. Patrick's day. It was a gorgeous sunny day here in Kamloops ~~  the perfect day to go walking on the 'River Beds' of the North and South Thompson Rivers. The ice is disappearing and the water is beginning to rise. Rebecca came along with us and we enjoyed a picnic lunch at the Westsyde Centennial Park.

                Rebecca and Bill with Mt. Paul and Peter in the background.

The Railway Bridge over the south Thompson River near  'downtown' Kamloops.

Mt. Paul to the right side and Strawberry Mountain on the left.
 This tree looks as if it has seen better days ... it looks as if it was struck by lightning 

       Looking to the North on the North Thompson River, with snow covered     Dunn Peak in the far distance. #

Thursday, February 14, 2019
      ( 12:51 PM ) melrose  
A nice Valentine's day to Everyone ~~ Yesterday, was a perfect day for a walk in Riverside Park ~ the sun was shining beautifully and the Swans, Canada Geese and ducks were out in full force. 

 The white 'lumps' in the snow are sleeping, or keeping warm swans. The other day we were here and Bill counted 60 out in the water and on the shore.

The ice on the river in some areas almost covers the river ... 

 This is the South Thompson River with Mt.Paul and Peter and Strawberry Mountain to the left - Beautiful!.

 The new sign in the park telling of the history of the Paddle wheeler  Boats that traveled up and down the river.

 The Canada geese have their special area to keep warm and relax. The temperature locally has been about -12 - 15 each day... but, as long as the sun shines and the wind is not strong - it is not too bad.


Thursday, January 03, 2019
      ( 7:41 AM ) melrose  
We trust that all our friends and family had a marvelous Christmas Season as we did here in Kamloops. To-day, we send ~ all Best Wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year of 2019. 

Glen, Susan and girls arrived on Dec. 22nd ~ great fun to have Kayla and Melissa so excited about Christmas. On the 23rd we drove out to the Shuswap to  attend St. David's wonderful Christmas Service ~ we enjoyed seeing  our friends from the 'church family' and the Service was beautiful. 

Jim Ellen and family, arrived on December 27th. Always nice to have them here for New Year.  When here, we went for a walk along the River in North Kamloops. I took my camera to take pictures ~ but, it was cold and windy so did not get any pictures. Thank goodness, Jim took a family picture when they were here.

When at the Shuswap ~ there was snow!. Kayla and Melissa, with Grandpa's help , made a snow bear.

We also walked the length of the new Peterson Creek Trail which extends from downtown Kamloops to Sahali. It is a beautiful walk ... up the hill and back down again.

                                            The beautiful new Trail.

Ellen, Jim, Jessica, Zachary and Rebecca ~ It is not often that they are all together with Rebecca now living and working in Kamloops.

    The weather and the amount of snow was just perfect for the entire holiday. #

Monday, November 19, 2018
      ( 5:21 PM ) melrose  
November 10th ~ 11th week-end.... we were in Vancouver to celebrate Melissa's 9th Birthday ~ that will be on November 14th. The weather was perfect ~ nice and sunny for her soccer game day in which she played 4 games. I was there for 2 of them and Grandpa saw 3 games as he drove her to the first game at 8 a.m.  Glen was there much earlier to assist in setting up the fields.

She played 'left back' and also had a turn at goalie, where she wasn't busy as the other team did not score.



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