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Thursday, January 03, 2019
      ( 7:41 AM ) melrose  
We trust that all our friends and family had a marvelous Christmas Season as we did here in Kamloops. To-day, we send ~ all Best Wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year of 2019. 

Glen, Susan and girls arrived on Dec. 22nd ~ great fun to have Kayla and Melissa so excited about Christmas. On the 23rd we drove out to the Shuswap to  attend St. David's wonderful Christmas Service ~ we enjoyed seeing  our friends from the 'church family' and the Service was beautiful. 

Jim Ellen and family, arrived on December 27th. Always nice to have them here for New Year.  When here, we went for a walk along the River in North Kamloops. I took my camera to take pictures ~ but, it was cold and windy so did not get any pictures. Thank goodness, Jim took a family picture when they were here.

When at the Shuswap ~ there was snow!. Kayla and Melissa, with Grandpa's help , made a snow bear.

We also walked the length of the new Peterson Creek Trail which extends from downtown Kamloops to Sahali. It is a beautiful walk ... up the hill and back down again.

                                            The beautiful new Trail.

Ellen, Jim, Jessica, Zachary and Rebecca ~ It is not often that they are all together with Rebecca now living and working in Kamloops.

    The weather and the amount of snow was just perfect for the entire holiday. #

Monday, November 19, 2018
      ( 5:21 PM ) melrose  
November 10th ~ 11th week-end.... we were in Vancouver to celebrate Melissa's 9th Birthday ~ that will be on November 14th. The weather was perfect ~ nice and sunny for her soccer game day in which she played 4 games. I was there for 2 of them and Grandpa saw 3 games as he drove her to the first game at 8 a.m.  Glen was there much earlier to assist in setting up the fields.

She played 'left back' and also had a turn at goalie, where she wasn't busy as the other team did not score.


Monday, October 15, 2018
      ( 8:22 PM ) melrose  
Today was a perfect day for a hike  ... We floor curled in the morning and went for a hike to Cooney Bay out at Tranquille in the afternoon.

 Cooney Bay is at the very Eastern end of Kamloops Lake. The Lake was beautifully calm. You can see Kamloops 'smokestack' from the Pulp Mill in the far distance.


                      Parts of the beach are absolutely filled with Driftwood.

 After the Beach - we went to Tranquille Creek - which is known for Gold Panning .... and to-day there were Gold Panners... who said - yes, sometimes they do actually find Gold. - amazing!. We didn't talk to this fellow - but he looked as if he was set up for the day.... with his gold pan.

                     We saw lots of evidence that there are Beavers here .....

 We were happy to find the Beaver House on the far side of this pond. They have two trails where you could see where they drag the logs down. We hope to see the beaver next time there.

 At the end of the trail we hiked to-day was this nice shelter - resting place. Bill was trying to figure out what this pipe was for - he thinks it is a water pipe of some sort.... and I just rested.   We plan to go back to this lovely  very unique  area again. 

 We finished the afternoon with a drive up the Red Lake Road where we had a great view of the Historic - Tranquille - once known as a Tuberculosis Sanitorium. It is now a collection of very old, fenced off, unused buildings.This is one of the buildings:


Sunday, September 30, 2018
      ( 8:32 AM ) melrose  
Yesterday, Before September vanished - we went for an 'all day' hike to Kenna Cartwright "Mountain" Park - which is not far away from where we live now. This is an entire mountain of trails - 39 trails in total: 6 easy, 26 Intermediate, 6 Difficult and 1 extremely difficult. We did see one labelled difficult called "The Elevator" ... but we won't be trying it anytime soon - as it was 'straight up the mountain. Rebecca came with us and we chose the longest path possible - that took us to the greatest view, in the park, of Kamloops Lake. To reach there and back - we were on easy and difficult trails, which took us 4 hours to complete.

   The west end of Brocklehurst on the North shore - just before the Airport,
  with the Thompson River in the foreground. 
 When you see this rock Cairn,  you know you have reached your destination.

    Kamloops Lake - with Cooney Bay (a future hike destination)  and Tranquille   
     to the right.

                          We are above the smokestack from the Pulp Mill.

 The meeting of the South and North Thompson Rivers and the city of Kamloops. .

      ( 7:34 AM ) melrose  
September is flying by just as fast as August ... so to make sure we are getting outside before the nice weather is gone ... we decided we must go hiking more. We started out on September 26th, our 54th Anniversary, we chose  Peterson Creek Park. Always a favorite, because it is close to downtown and doesn't take any time to get to. It is the park we went to often, many years ago. Unfortunately, erosion and falling boulders keep us from hiking to the waterfall now, ... we are not in good enough shape and because we are "older"....  but it is still beautiful to enjoy walking by the creek and listening to the water. My, how time changes ....


Wednesday, September 19, 2018
      ( 6:55 PM ) melrose  
My Goodness, where did August go?   Zoom ...  and it was gone - just like that....

We celebrated Kayla's 11th birthday at the Shuswap on September 2nd. ... The 'Selfie' holder worked good for a group as well.

                                            The cake was delicious.

All the 'kids' had this pile of Birch - stacked neatly in no time - waiting now for the fire ban to be over .... 

We had a gathering of Bill's family at Robin and Jim's house for a "farewell" supper for cousin Myrtle and her husband, Ken (on the left side of picture) who are moving to Ottawa to be with family. We will miss them. We also welcomed little, Jacob who is now 8 months old.

Bill's cousin "Goldie" on the left - from Mission B.C., cousin Myrtle, and Bill.

                                    The Grizzly Bear was taking a shower ....
We had a nice day at the wildlife Park when Kayla and Melissa visited for the last 2 weeks of August. We had a ride on the train .... had a picnic and saw every animal and bird we possibly could.

            It was a hot day - and the Moose was wise to stay in the shade.

August 11th -  we were at Bill's 51st  year Celebration , since the lacrosse team was a contender in the British Columbia Senior Lacrosse Finals. (they took 2nd place) - still reason to celebrate.

On August 2nd - we left for our holiday to Saskatchewan to visit relatives who all live near St. Louis which is a small town South of Prince Albert. 
Our first night we were at our niece, Leanna and her husband Sheldon and 3 great children's beautiful home in Calgary. Very nice to see them and catch up on their busy life.

 Our first person to visit in Saskatchewan was my brother, Lee,- Leanna's Dad -  who  lives, close to all the other relatives. He now is alone since his wife passed away 2 years ago. He has planted many trees with berries that attract the "singing' birds - so his yard sounds beautiful. I wish we could see him more often.

We usually have a golf Tournament when the family gets together - but this year it was a "Horseshoe" tournament.

We always visit the cemetery where my Mom and many relatives remains are. all the family are responsible for keeping the cemetery in beautiful shape - by cutting the lawn regularly and doing regular "clean-up" ... on this day there were 6 lawnmowers and others with weed whippers - and the lawn looked beautiful!. 

                Cousins, Linda and Gail - brought refreshing watermelon.
and when the work was done - everyone gathered in the shelter that Lee built - for more refreshments. How very nice it is to all be together.


Tuesday, July 31, 2018
      ( 4:12 PM ) melrose  
Wow!  What a fun week-end we just had ~~ swimming and Boating at the Shuswap with Glen, Susan and girls. Before heading out to the Beach - Melissa showed us some of her latest drawings she did at her Art Class....... 

here she is with a Dragon she drew .... and:  here is Kayla with a "precision drawing of a cake that Melissa also drew.... showing the variety of style.

 Glen is the Driver of the boat ... and Grandpa sits up front.

                           The "younger' Scott Family picture.

Oh, How I love to go on the Giant Tube .... Just had to go for a ride down the middle of the lake - at 75 years of age!.  Wonderful!.

                                     What a beautiful day for Boating!.



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