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Wednesday, August 16, 2017
      ( 9:17 AM ) melrose  
We have just returned from a very fun Golf Tournament and family gathering in Castlegar B.C. This is our family gathering that is every 2 years consisting of relatives and friends from Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C. It is called the "Beaverlodge" Group and we always have a wonderful time together.
This year, Bill was not able to golf (it broke his heart)  because of his recent surgery ~ but he was my caddy and did a fine job of driving the cart.  

 My team consisting of: Jessica, myself, Danny Brown (team Captain) is my cousin's boy from Prince Albert), His daughter, Kennedy, who rode along on the back of the cart and the 4th person, Ron MacKenzie, my cousin Gail's daughter, Melanie's, husband - from Trail.

 This is Cousin Gail's boy, Kevin, from Trail - appropriately dressed ... he wore the wig the entire day!.... which was amazing as it was very hot!.

Cousin Gail's daughter, Michelle and her daughter, Abby, from Trail and Laurie another cousin's daughter from St. Louis, Saskatchewan.

Kayla and Melissa both golfed ...  (I missed getting a picture of Melissa) and cousin, Gail from Trail and and Donna from St. Louis who is my Cousin's boy's wife.

 This is Glen's team getting their picture at the 18th green. My Cousin Tom takes every team's picture at the 2 day tournament ... he has thousands of family pictures from all our get togethers. The "Beaverlodge Trophy" is on display at the last hole ... it is not for the winning team - whoever is presented with the trophy must host the next tournament. This year, the Trophy was presented to Saskatchewan for our next "get together" which will be next year- 2018 - in St. Louis Saskatchewan .... the family members there would like to have a true 'Family Reunion' as well as a one or 2 day Golf tournament. God willing, we plan to be there.

 We always gather on the 18th hole at the end of the tournament to watch teams as they come in  - this year, we had the perfect hill to sit on and watch the 18th putting. #

Thursday, August 03, 2017
      ( 8:33 PM ) melrose  
I'm sure you may have heard that British Columbia is having a terrible time this summer with wild fires. Last week there were 20 fires burning to the North, West, and East of Kamloops. To-day there are 15. At one point Kamloops had 38,000 Evacuees staying in Motels, Arena's and private homes as well as many people camping at the Native Reserve and also staying in private homes because of the fires in Cache Creek, William's Lake and Monte Lake. We now have resident's from Clinton and surrounding area seeking refuge here. Fortunately, Kamloops is already semi desert so we do not have forests near the city.... but we certainly have smoke that is causing many people distress if they have breathing problems. So, far, Bill and I have not been bothered - it is just difficult to see very far in the distance and the dullness gives a "Gloomy" appearance.

                          And .. every evening the sun is bright firey RED.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017
      ( 11:44 AM ) melrose  
Oh, my Goodness - we live a varied, very interesting busy Life - sometimes too interesting and definitely too busy. Bill landed in Hospital on July 18th and went for surgery on the 19th for a "kinked" bowel - which caused an obstruction. He had the obstructed bowel removed and is now back home recovering. Poor fellow - he has really been enjoying his golfing - but the Doctor says - "no more golfing for at least 4 -6 weeks".


Thursday, July 20, 2017
      ( 8:30 AM ) melrose  
July ~ is our family's "Birthday Month"  - beginning with my Brother, Van, who lives in Alberta whose birthday is ~ July 1st. (sent a phone message to him)  Bill's Birthday July 4th which we celebrated this year at my brother, Earl's place at the lake.  

 Great laughs when Bill blew out his candles .... there were 3 "trick candles" that would not blow out! which was a surprise even to me as I had forgotten  we had them.
  My brother, Lee, who lives in Saskatchewan, had his Birthday (phone call wishes) ~ July 5th.,

On July 16th we celebrated Susan's Birthday for July 17th and early Birthday wishes to Glen for July 23rd.   
What fun it would be to some year have everyone together and celebrate with a Huge Cake with many candles.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017
      ( 5:14 PM ) melrose  
We trust that everyone had a very nice Canada Day  - July 1st celebration. We were out at Earl's place along with Jim and Jessica (Ellen was working) ... Glen Susan and girls were at their cabin. It was perfect weather for swimming at Ross Beach Park.

                    Kayla, Jessica and Melissa had fun with the water "floaters".

 Everyone except Bill and I were in the water ... we were happy to watch from shore - in the shade as it was very hot!.

 The Teddy Bears at St. David's church were all dressed for the occasion.

 The trees we planted and have carefully watered over the past couple of years are now growing beautifully. #

Sunday, June 25, 2017
      ( 7:26 PM ) melrose  
Wednesday ~ June 21st was a most exciting and interesting day when we met friends Kathy and Jerry from Frenchtown, New Jersey , whom we had met many years ago in Las Vegas. Jerry's sister Heidi was also traveling with them. They were returning from an Alaskan Tour and Cruise and said at Christmas time that they would be in Vancouver for the day and wondered if we could see them then ... We were happy to be there and show them Vancouver!  From Canada Place where the cruise ship docked ~ we took them to Stanley Park ~ then on to Lynn Canyon where we walked across the Suspension Bridge ~ First time I have made it all the way over to the other side! How exciting!.... and to top it all off -~ it was the first day of the Summer Solstice ~ a day I always like to celebrate.

                           From left to right ~ Heidi, Jerry, Kathy and Bill

                                                Lynn Canyon water Fall. 
After Lynn Canyon we went on the "Maplewood Conservation Area" in North Vancouver where we hoped to see many wild birds ~ but I think they were all sleeping ~ as we didn't see too many.

Kathy and us at the Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park where we saw many exotic Birds flying freely about. - Jerry is a true Bird Enthusiast who has logged over 800 types of birds. We enjoyed a delicious lunch, compliments of Jerry and Katy,  at the "Seasons" Restaurant in the Park. A beautiful place with delicious food.    (this picture was taken in April when we were at Queen E. - before the trees had leaves)

 The Flower displays at Queen Elizabeth Park are alway beautiful and different - this year they have "mounds of Flowers" - Many of the gardens just being planted.  The trees this year are especially beautiful and lush.

 We completed our day with a drive to Steveston ~ where we had planned to go to "The Cannery" National Heritage site ~ but we just ran out of time ... We delivered Heidi, Kathy and Jerry to the Airport at 5 - for their flight out - leaving at 7 p.m.  What a beautiful day.

We left Mose's Lake where we stayed and drove South Hwy 90,  On our way to Hwy 5 we stopped and had a nice visit with Gloria another friend from Black Rock - then North on Hwy 5 to the Peace Arch which is always nice to see the well kept pretty gardens.

 I like the words on the Peace Arch: on the South side it reads" Children of a Common Mother" ... and as you see on the North side: "Brethren dwelling together in Unity." Very touching and appropriate.


Saturday, June 24, 2017
      ( 6:50 PM ) melrose  
We have just returned from an interesting and fun filled holiday to a Country/Gospel Music Jam  with our friends, Elvia and Ron, that we know from 'Black Rock' who live in Linn Missouri in the summer. The Jam was in Ephrata Washington with 2 days filled with music. Almost all of the musicians were from the Jams down South. When we were at Black Rock - we went to music Jams 2-3 times a week at various R.V. Parks - so we have really missed the music. We are already planning to go back again next year.

This year there were 2 Concert violinists playing country and enjoying it to the max. also, there was a lady from Aldergrove B.C. playing the Trumpet - so there was a wonderful variety of instruments and very good musicians.

     Elvia and Ron on the left and 2 new friends Peggy and Paul from Boise Idaho.

We left Kamloops on June 16th and drove South to Merritt  on the Coquihalla where we took Hwy. 5A  to Princeton - what a pretty drive.  Osoyoos has really grown since we were there a few years ago. It now has many beautiful Resorts and lots of lovely Beaches. The Lake is beautiful and it was a very nice summer evening to see it all.



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